Homeboy Joy Ride Official Trailer

2017 is the worst year on record for overdose deaths, this is a call to action. The recently released official trailer for “Homeboy Joy Ride”  is the first episode of our Called from Darkness documentary series. Homeboy Joy Ride is the first of six episodes. It amplifies the voices of those living in community at Home Boy Industries in East LA. Homeboy Industries serves high-risk, … Continue reading Homeboy Joy Ride Official Trailer

Called From Darkness Trailer

Called From Darkness is a documentary series that explores the spiritual and social dimensions of those who find sobriety and authentic community, after having lost loved ones to overdose. This week our crew will be headed to Standown in San Diego, California! Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms @CFDMOVIE for the latest updates – Continue reading Called From Darkness Trailer

Compassionate Outreach- Barrios Unidos

With heroin use crushing their home town Lupe and Pedro say a prayer and put survival kits together for street addicts. This compassionate outreach project engages users to trust them which is an initial stage of getting them trust in a potential future of recovery. These two outreach workers reverently dispense water, socks, a protein bar, and prayer with a picture of St. Michael impaling … Continue reading Compassionate Outreach- Barrios Unidos