Try a little Love from God

The residents of Beit S’Tuvah a long term drug rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles have Rabbi’s for spiritual counselors. Besides that they regularly pray and meditate and practice S’Tuvah is which an accounting of their soul. Recovery is not a tragic situation more a chance to be honest and open. Using the Torah individuals uncover recover their purpose and find their passion. Continue reading Try a little Love from God

Compassionate Outreach- Barrios Unidos

With heroin use crushing their home town Lupe and Pedro say a prayer and put survival kits together for street addicts. This compassionate outreach project engages users to trust them which is an initial stage of getting them trust in a potential future of recovery. These two outreach workers reverently dispense water, socks, a protein bar, and prayer with a picture of St. Michael impaling … Continue reading Compassionate Outreach- Barrios Unidos